Being in the Void Space – Episode 1

This series of posts will give you an idea about some of the experiences that I go through in the Void Space . Today, I was in the Void Space and I told a part of myself : “I love you” Him: “But, why?” Me: “I love you” Him: “But…” Me: “I love you” Him:Continue reading “Being in the Void Space – Episode 1”

Life is a Meditation

Let’s say you want to be an entrepreneur. But, your conditioned mind gives you many negative emotions around this desire. Some of the most common responses might include, “No, it is not for you”, “It is meant only for the smart and rich people”, “You are not capable”, “Your product will not reach many people as you think”. Here’s the tricky part. These thoughts and the negative emotions around them are not necessarily bad. They try to bring you more awareness on your desire. At the same time, if you get pulled into these thoughts and you do not attempt to navigate through them, sadly, your desire gets buried.

A Tale of Life and Death

Imagine yourself to be a space of emptiness or air. You exist, everyone could feel you, but they don’t see you. You are aware of yourself, and everybody else’s physical existence. You’re now given a body and 5 senses. What would you do? You’ll begin to experience your life differently. Now you’re also given aContinue reading “A Tale of Life and Death”

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