On The Self

May the politicians meditate on the Self thatThey shall work beyond the welfare of their own countries May the citizens meditate on the Self thatThey shall love their neighbors as much as they love themselves May the lovers meditate on the Self thatThey shall become immortal lovers of this Planet May we all meditate onContinue reading “On The Self”

But, what is Awareness?

In my previous post where I talked about Awareness, I had mentioned – “…but with our Awareness anchored in the Present Moment, we will not be disturbed by our mind/thoughts.” You might wonder why I separated Awareness from the mind – Isn’t Awareness a function of the mind? Scientifically, yes – this is what anyoneContinue reading “But, what is Awareness?”

Being in the Void Space – Episode 1

This series of posts will give you an idea about some of the experiences that I go through in the Void Space . Today, I was in the Void Space and I told a part of myself : “I love you” Him: “But, why?” Me: “I love you” Him: “But…” Me: “I love you” Him:Continue reading “Being in the Void Space – Episode 1”

Life is a Meditation

Let’s say you want to be an entrepreneur. But, your conditioned mind gives you many negative emotions around this desire. Some of the most common responses might include, “No, it is not for you”, “It is meant only for the smart and rich people”, “You are not capable”, “Your product will not reach many people as you think”. Here’s the tricky part. These thoughts and the negative emotions around them are not necessarily bad. They try to bring you more awareness on your desire. At the same time, if you get pulled into these thoughts and you do not attempt to navigate through them, sadly, your desire gets buried.

Breathe! You’re alive!

It is not uncommon to think that our mind (which is a functional result of our brain) is different from our body. However, the mind-body connection is something real and I feel it is essential to explore this connection through our own experiences. This article is aimed at bringing you some facts on different patternsContinue reading “Breathe! You’re alive!”

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