The Fearful Mind – Episode 5

We are in the fifth episode of this series to know about fear and learn some coping techniques. Let’s dive in.

#3 Treating fear as an uninvited guest

Fear or anxiety is unpleasant. The moment we are aware of a fearful thought, we immediately want to distract ourselves – using alcohol, sex, social media, etc. Well, I do not condemn any of these behaviors because these are an integral part of human life. Instead, I’d like to ask you to contemplate if you have been overdoing certain things to escape fearful thoughts. If you think so, congratulate yourself for being authentic.

If we treat a part of ourselves as a stranger, we only create more conflicts within. The solution, instead, is to make friendship with it.

#3 Exercise: Naming your fear

  • Sit in a comfortable posture, and invite your eyes to close.
  • Take three deep breaths and be available with inhaling and exhaling.
  • The energy of Peace is your anchor for this session. Acknowledge the stillness in you. (If you believe in God, acknowledge the presence of God within you)
  • Pick out a simple, less intense fearful thought of yours. And invite that thought – while holding on to the Peace within.
  • Treat this fear as a child and name him/her.
  • Ask how you can treat this child to feel safe. Be a compassionate listener.
  • Acknowledge the child’s needs and promise to fulfill them.
  • If there’s nothing to talk about, finish the session by taking a couple of mindful breaths.

Once we name the fear, we create a contact with that part. It is the beginning step to resolve conflicts.

Repeat this as much as you’d need. My suggestion is to start with simple fears and then begin to work on intense ones. Please let me know your thoughts on this exercise.

In short, the best way to deal with fears is to befriend them *genuinely*! 🙂

An invitation to The Void Space

Dear Readers & Writers of all sorts,

Since I received a notification this morning that this site has 101 followers, as of now, I thought it’s time to invite you all into the Void Space with me – right here, and right now.

Please be with me till the end of this post, if it’s safe.

It is not important to sit with an upright spine, but if you feel good about it, do it so.

Give yourself a half-smile.

Release the tightness of your body.

Relax into your peaceful smile.

Please don’t force anything. You’re good as you are, in your own way.

Trust this process, Trust this guidance.

Breathe in, stay with your breath as you breathe in.

Breathe out, stay completely with your breath as you breathe out.

Tap into that ‘Ease’ that you may feel right now.

Become a flow with breathing as your anchor.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

There is nowhere to go, nothing to do.

Stay here, with your breath, now.

If your mind brings something – a thought, a sensation or an emotion,

No matter how pleasant or unpleasant it might be,

Remain as an Observer and continue to stay here, with your breath.

You are safe here. You are beautiful here. You are your True Self here.

Welcome aboard. You are in the Void Space now.

Thank you for being here.

Please let me know how did it go in the comments. I’ll be happy to guide you further with obstacles that you might be facing.

Please visit my first-ever post here, where I gave some tips for the beginners in Meditation.

Note:- You might want to do your next sessions with (half-) closed eyes.

The most received post is The Mirror with 76 views, as of now. I’m really happy about this.

Thank you all once again for being here. It feels like a Family – I’m happy and grateful. Looking forward to knowing you all more and more through your writings, comments, and your continued presence & support.

Much Love,

This Love, my love (11/07/2020)

It is a Winter morning in Summer
You are the perfect rescue to my soul,
Filling my body with your fragrance
Warming my mind with your freshness
Bringing my whole existence an ever-new joy
There is no present, past, nor future with you
There is only timelessness, forever and eternal
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
As I drink the last sip, permit me to remain with you.

A Tea Lover

11th of July 2020
Trento, Italy.

The Fearful Mind – Episode 2

Have you ever wondered why fear arises in the mind? I know it is not easy to contemplate the roots of unpleasant emotions as it requires a lot of Practice, a Courageous and Compassionate Heart.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to look at my fears deeply and thanks to that, I am able to understand certain aspects of myself.

I will try to write in this series of posts (episode 1 is here) what I have observed so far. Let’s dive in.

#2 Fear as a sign of unhealthy attachment

I know it is very easy to get attached to things/persons that bring happiness in our lives. However, when this attachment gets so intensified to an extent that we constantly fear losing what we possess. I know it is a relatable feeling what I’m talking of. When we long for something, we remain restless and when we get to experience what we longed for, we begin to be afraid of losing it. Poor us!

In Truth, Happiness is our true nature and it is a pure ‘internal’ thing and does not depend on our life circumstances. This realization will already liberate us from suffering of three kinds – Longing, Anxiety, and Lamentation.

#2 Exercise:

a) Appreciate what you have in your life ‘right now’, by expressing gratitude, for example.

b) Accept that we will have to leave everything we possess at certain point in ‘time’ – okay, maybe it is sad but the bright side is that – this acceptance will help us live our lives more present and joyous.

What else can you suggest someone to let go of their attachments? Let me know in the comments.

Have a blessed day! 🙂

Three Kinds of Action (Yoga)

I’m glad you’re here to share the VoidSpace with me today!

The word Action has a huge significance in Indian/Eastern philosophy. In fact, one of the ways to interpret the word Yoga is to think of Action. We also are very much familiar with the term Karma (Fruits of Action) and its significance in our everyday life.

Let me expand the three kinds of Action as I have understood:

1. Action:

  • Performing duties to fulfill the expectations posed into us by the society, friends and family.
  • The mind is mostly restless with ever-growing material needs/desires.
  • There is a strong attachment to the outcomes of the actions.
  • There is a conflict between the Heart and the Mind.
  • External world is given a higher priority than one’s own inner being.
  • There is pleasure and pain, success and failure, happiness and depression, health and disease. i.e., there is duality.

2. Non-Action:

  • To simply put, this implies non-utilization or under-utilization of resources (The mind, the senses and the body) to live in Harmony.
  • This involves serious laziness.
  • This is ignorance of extreme kind.
  • This leads to disease, and death.

3. Actionless Action (Righteousness = Dharma):

  • This involves doing actions only for the sake of bringing more and more Peace, Harmony and Health into our lives and other sentient beings.
  • This involves renunciation of the desired or non-desired results of the action.
  • There is no space for panic attacks, depression, or ego-based pride.
  • The thinking mind is in its true “Home” – the Heart. There is no conflict between each other.
  • There is no one external to be pleased and nothing to chase.
  • It is, therefore, possible to perform the action using a ‘single-pointed’ mind and pure dedication (the success probability is higher + inner contentment is guaranteed).
  • Most importantly, pleasure and pain are alike to the doer as she is in touch with her inner being.

Feeling confused?

Jesus Christ says “And why are ye anxious concerning raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:“. Here, the lilies of the field perform Actionless Action.

Krishna says “Those who see action in inaction and inaction in action are truly wise amongst humans. Although performing all kinds of actions, they are yogis and masters of all their actions.

Still not clear? Let’s talk in comments! 🙂

The Fearful Mind – Episode 1

Have you ever wondered why fear arises in the mind? I know it is not easy to contemplate the roots of the unpleasant emotions as it requires a lot of Practice with a Courageous and Compassionate Heart.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to look at my fears deeply and thanks to that, I am able to understand certain aspects of myself.

I will try to write in this series of posts what I have observed so far. Let’s dive in.

#1 Fear as a resistance to the Life

Life is prone to change. Everything in and around us change every one millionth picosecond, whether we are aware of it or not. Thanks to this phenomenon called “Impermanence” that we can always change our choices – to Love more, to Forgive more, to be more Compassionate to ourselves and other beings.

However, when we get too attached with the objects of life, we might feel a lot of anxieties arising as we hear the terms like “Change, Impermanence” etc., So, the first reason why we might be fearful is that we feel a lot of resistance to the Fluid Nature of Life.

#1 Exercise:

  • Take a relaxed deep breath. Look around. Look at your own body. Look at the flowers in your garden. Look at the flow of river. Look at the clouds in the sky. Do not come to any sort of conclusion just yet but get yourself immersed in all of these objects around you. Pretend to be a tree, a mountain, a cloud for a little while. Take another relaxed deep breath.
  • Write down your experiences with this exercise and ask yourself if it is reasonable to be afraid of “changes” in life.

If you feel inspired, please let me (and other readers) know your response in the comment section.

I love you, have a great day!

On The Self

May the politicians meditate on the Self that
They shall work beyond the welfare of their own countries

May the citizens meditate on the Self that
They shall love their neighbors as much as they love themselves

May the lovers meditate on the Self that
They shall become immortal lovers of this Planet

May we all meditate on the Self that
We shall begin to eat in a non-violent way

May the Nihilists meditate on the Self that
They shall realize how Beautiful is to be in Existence

May the Fearful meditate on the Self that
They shall embrace all their fears with Love and Compassion

May the Faithless meditate on the Self that
They shall give birth to the Unshakable Faith in themselves

May I meditate on the Self that
I shall see the Truth beyond all Illusions of Mankind

May you meditate on the Self that
You shall see more than what I see.


Meditate = Being Aware with undivided yet loving and kind attention
Self = That which exists everywhere, all the time (Synonymous to Love/God/Truth)

But, what is Awareness?

In my previous post where I talked about Awareness, I had mentioned –

“…but with our Awareness anchored in the Present Moment, we will not be disturbed by our mind/thoughts.”

You might wonder why I separated Awareness from the mind – Isn’t Awareness a function of the mind? Scientifically, yes – this is what anyone would naturally agree with.

My perspective on this is slight different. Yes, Awareness is a function of the mind; No, Awareness is not a function of the mind.

Confused? Let me explain. Say, you have a thought – “I am a Sinner”. This is a thought created by the mind. But, let’s say you have another part of your mind that observes this thought in Silence. If that version of the mind had to say about this, it would be like “I observe that my mind thinks I am a Sinner”. Now let’s put this Observer in a Non-Judgmental place. He/She judges not but remains observing. This Observer is whom I refer to as “Awareness”.

Therefore, Awareness exists both inside and outside the mind. It is a part of our mind that remains in non-judgmental silent observation. It is outside the mind because it doesn’t actively involve in the mind-created thoughts/beliefs/feelings.

Again, let’s think about this if it makes sense.

“…but with our Awareness anchored in the Present Moment, we will not be disturbed by our mind/thoughts.”

If you think, depression or anxiety is resulted because of believing that our thoughts are us. But, it is not true, even grammatically.

We are not our thoughts; We just have thoughts.


Our Awareness is meant to be in the Present Moment. Our thoughts may wander back to the Past or toward the Future but with our Awareness anchored in the Present Moment, we will not be disturbed by our mind/thoughts. Breathing is one of the powerful ways to bring back our Awareness to our ‘True Home’ – the Present Moment. We all do breathe – but not in the way we should. The quality of our breath can tell us everything about our Psychological health.

I did a simple experiment last week to demonstrate how could one help himself to cope up with anxieties or worries simply by breathing. Our skin is a good conductor of electricity and we all know our skin temperature changes due to our emotions (Anxiety – cold, Anger – hot). In a similar way, the skin conductance changes as well due to internal or external stimuli.

I connected myself with one such sensor and practiced 4-7-8 breathing (4 seconds of in-breath, 7 seconds of hold, 8 seconds of out-breath). As we could see in the image below, after a 1 minute of baseline period, the skin conductance begins to decrease – that indicates a more relaxed cognitive state.

Plot: Reduced Skin Conductance during the 4-7-8 Breathing Task

If you have any questions or curiosities, feel free to comment. We can discuss 🙂

Being in the Void Space – Episode 1

This series of posts will give you an idea about some of the experiences that I go through in the Void Space .

Today, I was in the Void Space and I told a part of myself : “I love you”

Him: “But, why?”

Me: “I love you”

Him: “But…”

Me: “I love you”





Me: “Hey, are you there?”

Him: “Yes!”

Me: “I love you”

I believe Love should be an unconditional phenomenon which requires nothing but one’s own Existence. However, when we grow up in a competitive society, it is natural for us to believe that we need to exhibit certain qualities through our academic/sport achievements so as to feel loved. I am glad I happened to meet a part of Me that needs reasons for someone to love him. Whenever he reappears, I’d redo the same sitting in the Void Space.

Have a good day!