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The Fearful Mind – Episode 5

We are in the fifth episode of this series to know about fear and learn some coping techniques. Let’s dive in.

#3 Treating fear as an uninvited guest

Fear or anxiety is unpleasant. The moment we are aware of a fearful thought, we immediately want to distract ourselves – using alcohol, sex, social media, etc. Well, I do not condemn any of these behaviors because these are an integral part of human life. Instead, I’d like to ask you to contemplate if you have been overdoing certain things to escape fearful thoughts. If you think so, congratulate yourself for being authentic.

If we treat a part of ourselves as a stranger, we only create more conflicts within. The solution, instead, is to make friendship with it.

#3 Exercise: Naming your fear

  • Sit in a comfortable posture, and invite your eyes to close.
  • Take three deep breaths and be available with inhaling and exhaling.
  • The energy of Peace is your anchor for this session. Acknowledge the stillness in you. (If you believe in God, acknowledge the presence of God within you)
  • Pick out a simple, less intense fearful thought of yours. And invite that thought – while holding on to the Peace within.
  • Treat this fear as a child and name him/her.
  • Ask how you can treat this child to feel safe. Be a compassionate listener.
  • Acknowledge the child’s needs and promise to fulfill them.
  • If there’s nothing to talk about, finish the session by taking a couple of mindful breaths.

Once we name the fear, we create a contact with that part. It is the beginning step to resolve conflicts.

Repeat this as much as you’d need. My suggestion is to start with simple fears and then begin to work on intense ones. Please let me know your thoughts on this exercise.

In short, the best way to deal with fears is to befriend them *genuinely*! 🙂


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