On The Self

May the politicians meditate on the Self that
They shall work beyond the welfare of their own countries

May the citizens meditate on the Self that
They shall love their neighbors as much as they love themselves

May the lovers meditate on the Self that
They shall become immortal lovers of this Planet

May we all meditate on the Self that
We shall begin to eat in a non-violent way

May the Nihilists meditate on the Self that
They shall realize how Beautiful is to be in Existence

May the Fearful meditate on the Self that
They shall embrace all their fears with Love and Compassion

May the Faithless meditate on the Self that
They shall give birth to the Unshakable Faith in themselves

May I meditate on the Self that
I shall see the Truth beyond all Illusions of Mankind

May you meditate on the Self that
You shall see more than what I see.


Meditate = Being Aware with undivided yet loving and kind attention
Self = That which exists everywhere, all the time (Synonymous to Love/God/Truth)

Response to Life

Impermanence is the inherit nature of Life on the Earth.
Impermanence is not necessarily a bad thing – If we look deeply,
Impermanence is a gift by which we have the continuous opportunity to evolve.
However, we like to wish for things to remain the same as they are.
Be it happiness or sadness, we attach (or averse) to it – ignoring the Reality of Life.

Well, the Law of the Life seems to be different –
If we wish to be in Harmony with the Life, we would need to change our attitude.
Not all our Life situations are that we can control – Peace, Joy, and Harmony are
Based only on how we respond to the situations presented to us.

Fear is a response.
Hate is a response.
Anger is a response.
Kindness is a response.
Forgiveness is a response.
Compassion is a response.
Unconditional Love is a response.

Yes, we do have Free Will – We can always consciously choose our response to any given situation. Having said this, I do agree it is not possible to choose Love over Fear all the times – but, I’d like to invite you to contemplate on the different responses that you’ve chosen over the years, and the corresponding quality of your life during those moments.

Thank you!

But, what is Awareness?

In my previous post where I talked about Awareness, I had mentioned –

“…but with our Awareness anchored in the Present Moment, we will not be disturbed by our mind/thoughts.”

You might wonder why I separated Awareness from the mind – Isn’t Awareness a function of the mind? Scientifically, yes – this is what anyone would naturally agree with.

My perspective on this is slight different. Yes, Awareness is a function of the mind; No, Awareness is not a function of the mind.

Confused? Let me explain. Say, you have a thought – “I am a Sinner”. This is a thought created by the mind. But, let’s say you have another part of your mind that observes this thought in Silence. If that version of the mind had to say about this, it would be like “I observe that my mind thinks I am a Sinner”. Now let’s put this Observer in a Non-Judgmental place. He/She judges not but remains observing. This Observer is whom I refer to as “Awareness”.

Therefore, Awareness exists both inside and outside the mind. It is a part of our mind that remains in non-judgmental silent observation. It is outside the mind because it doesn’t actively involve in the mind-created thoughts/beliefs/feelings.

Again, let’s think about this if it makes sense.

“…but with our Awareness anchored in the Present Moment, we will not be disturbed by our mind/thoughts.”

If you think, depression or anxiety is resulted because of believing that our thoughts are us. But, it is not true, even grammatically.

We are not our thoughts; We just have thoughts.


Our Awareness is meant to be in the Present Moment. Our thoughts may wander back to the Past or toward the Future but with our Awareness anchored in the Present Moment, we will not be disturbed by our mind/thoughts. Breathing is one of the powerful ways to bring back our Awareness to our ‘True Home’ – the Present Moment. We all do breathe – but not in the way we should. The quality of our breath can tell us everything about our Psychological health.

I did a simple experiment last week to demonstrate how could one help himself to cope up with anxieties or worries simply by breathing. Our skin is a good conductor of electricity and we all know our skin temperature changes due to our emotions (Anxiety – cold, Anger – hot). In a similar way, the skin conductance changes as well due to internal or external stimuli.

I connected myself with one such sensor and practiced 4-7-8 breathing (4 seconds of in-breath, 7 seconds of hold, 8 seconds of out-breath). As we could see in the image below, after a 1 minute of baseline period, the skin conductance begins to decrease – that indicates a more relaxed cognitive state.

Plot: Reduced Skin Conductance during the 4-7-8 Breathing Task

If you have any questions or curiosities, feel free to comment. We can discuss 🙂

What if God…

What if God is an introverted person who stays back at His/Her home, reading a lot of books, painting the walls with creative arts, drinking a few cups of herbal tea everyday?

What if God sits in meditation from time-to-time, to recharge his body, and mind for indulging in more creative thoughts?

What if God isn’t so religious that He/She doesn’t periodically visit the Temples, Churches or Mosques?

What if God is so shy and doesn’t go out much?

What if God doesn’t answer phone calls ? And even if God answers phone calls, what if He/She remains in Silence most of the times to be a compassionate listener to all our mind-created fictional stories about life?

Given that all the fore-mentioned personality traits of the God, how does one reach the Him/Her ever?

The only possible way to reach the God, as I could think of, is evolving one’s own Consciousness to that of God’s – so as to be in an Union with Him/Her.

Being in the Void Space – Episode 1

This series of posts will give you an idea about some of the experiences that I go through in the Void Space .

Today, I was in the Void Space and I told a part of myself : “I love you”

Him: “But, why?”

Me: “I love you”

Him: “But…”

Me: “I love you”





Me: “Hey, are you there?”

Him: “Yes!”

Me: “I love you”

I believe Love should be an unconditional phenomenon which requires nothing but one’s own Existence. However, when we grow up in a competitive society, it is natural for us to believe that we need to exhibit certain qualities through our academic/sport achievements so as to feel loved. I am glad I happened to meet a part of Me that needs reasons for someone to love him. Whenever he reappears, I’d redo the same sitting in the Void Space.

Have a good day!

Sanskrit Times – Episode 1

As I am learning new Sanskrit words, I sometimes feel inspired to share some of the ancient scripts. I will post them titled “Sanskrit Times” implying my quality time with Sanskrit.

Today, I read the following verse, took from the Vows being chanted during the Wedding Ceremony in India.

oṃ asato mā sadgamaya
tamaso mā jyotirgamaya
mṛtyormā amṛtaṃ gamaya
oṃ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ

The English translation by Shunori Ramanathan is as follows:

Lead me from the unreal to the real
From the darkness to the light
From death to immortality
Let there be peace, peace, peace


The Sanskrit Effect

I am a Tamil native speaker who didn’t show much interest in learning Sanskrit until recently. One way of my meditation is to play Sanskrit Mantras and give all my attention to the words (Concentrative Meditation) as I listen to them. I naturally got pulled into the beauty of this language – which seems to have certain positive effects on me psychologically. As a practice, I started learning new words and read certain verses from the ancient script Bhagavad Gita as a part of my internal journey/transformation.

I recently came across a study – that proved certain effects on the brain of the traditional Sanskrit scholars (N = 21) from India compared to non-Sanskrit scholars (N = 21) through structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In particular, it has been shown a massive grey matter density and an increase in cortical thickness in Language, Memory, and Visual Systems of the brain for the Sanskrit practitioners.

I am not quite surprised with these results as I believe that recitation/self-affirmation is a powerful method to change the way your mind works, especially when you are depressed/anxious. However, I think this effect doesn’t depend on the language itself.

For a detailed scientific read: https://reader.elsevier.com/reader/sd/pii/S1053811915006382?token=0B87A87E1666D5B5E2A9A2A04BD086FBD4818462CB6EAA5AE2F8FEB69CCBE5BD270BA19737E2881379AF2375343CEA1B

Life is a Meditation

Every choice you consider, be it conscious or not, takes you somewhere in life. A choice gives birth to an action. But, is it always easy to make a choice? Of all the possibilities given to me, why should I consider a particular choice, and not the others? How can I be more effective in making decisions? This short article is aimed at bringing you a few tips.

Let’s say you want to be an entrepreneur. But, your conditioned mind gives you many negative emotions around this desire. Some of the most common responses might include, “No, it is not for you”, “It is meant only for the smart and rich people”, “You are not capable”, “Your product will not reach many people as you think”. Here’s the tricky part. These thoughts and the negative emotions around them are not necessarily bad. They try to bring you more awareness on your desire. At the same time, if you get pulled into these thoughts and you do not attempt to navigate through them, sadly, your desire gets buried.

So, what I think one should do? The short answer is “One should know Herself”.

One should practice to sit with herself at least a few minutes a day. She might ask herself “What do I want to be in life?”. Once she has succeeded in picking up a particular goal, she might write that on a piece of paper. Whilst she simply observes this goal, her mind will engage with a certain thought process. She should practice non-judgmental observation with these thoughts/feelings. Once everything comes out, she might write them on the same paper, one-after-another. If she could do it so far, it is great! Now, the job is to quickly go through all these thoughts and rationally look if they make sense using the auxiliary questions like “Are these thoughts truly mine?”, “Do these thoughts come from fears or insecurities?”, “Does my mind want me to stay in life where I am currently, because it is comfortable?”, “What can I do to overcome this obstacle in reaching my goal?”.

This practice can be named as Meditation, Introspection, or Self-Reflection. But, the core idea is to be aware of your unconscious mind that acts behind the screen, still contributes to the major portion of your life. By doing so, you have the chance to make conscious choices and the life itself becomes meditative.

I ask myself everyday, “Love or Fear, which one do you want to choose?”. What could be the question that you want to ask yourself? Thanks for being here. Good day!

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