Twenty Fifth Rule of Love

Dear readers,

Today we shall see the 25th rule of Love from the novel The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak. Here it goes:

Each and every reader comprehends the Holy Qur’an on a different level of tandem with the depth of his understanding. There are four levels of insight. The first level is the outer meaning and it is the one that the majority of the people are content with. Next is the Batin — the inner level. Third, there is the inner of the inner. And the fourth level is so deep it cannot be put into words and is therefore bound to remain indescribable.

This rule reminds of an ancient text in India called “Mandukya Upanishad”. The text says “Aum/Om” is the true essence of all beings. Each letter in the word Aum represents a state of mind – Waking State (outer), Dream State (inner), and Deep Sleep State (inner of the inner). But, there exists a fourth state that is indescribable and that is Atma (True Self) and that has to be known. I leave here the link to a short pdf of 4 pages for anyone interested.

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