The Fearful Mind – Episode 3

In my previous post, I shared with you a story of someone who struggles with anxieties of all sorts that one could imagine of.

At first, as I read it, it triggered me especially when she began to resist the treatment itself. Thankfully, it didn’t take much to regain compassion for her, though.

Well, it is quite normal when you come forward to help someone with anxieties or depression, they backfire at you. It is mostly because they still are trying to find the courage to look (deeply) at their own mental state. Therefore, as Krishna has rightly pointed out in the comments, a well-informed psychiatrist (and the companion) would try to build the trust, by the energy of Love and Compassion. Only then can they open for real healing.

Fear can also be seen as a symptom of “lack of Love”. It takes Courage to look at the fears in its source. Courage comes through Love.

Happy No Fear, everyone!