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Emotional Intelligence

Dear readers,

In this post, I’d like to express my understanding of “Emotional Intelligence”. As homo sapiens, we continuously look for knowledge or wisdom. Every little thing that we do in this life gives us some learning experience.

But, is that all? Can knowledge be enough to live in peace within and with others around us? The short answer would be – No.

Our emotions play a vital role in processing the information in everyday lives. Our desires and attachments to particular outcomes can easily make our mind deluded. As a result, all the obtained scholarly knowledge might not be of any help in practical life.

Let us say you have a project in mind. You assign this project to 2 different teams of same educational background with similar prior experience. You might easily find differences in the outcome produced by 2 teams. The best performing team is usually the one that had looked at the project in a detached way (as a result, they could see a myriad of ways to solve the same problem and pick the most effective one).

I think it is impossible to live a life without desires. But, it is possible to get rid of attachments to the desires. Jealousy, anger, anxiety, frustrations, or depression manifests only from our attachments. To be a steady-minded person, we should master our emotions which otherwise can corrupt our knowledge.

Have a good one!


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