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Journey In

Your Eyes
May they look inwards and
Actively acknowledge the Source within.

Your Ears
May they hear the Subtle
Word of the Holy Spirit.

Your Nose
May it now be receptive to
The Divine Fragrance of your Soul.

Your Tongue
May it taste the everlasting
Nectar of the Divine Wisdom.

Your Breath
May it gently caress your Heart
With the Love of Almighty.

Your Sexual Energy
May it flow like a
Sacred River from head-to-toe.

With all your senses
Turned within
What can your mind make you worry about?
What story can it tell you today to make you a smaller-self?

Your Mind
Must then dissolve into the Vast Space
That you are, in Absolute Truth.

Originally posted here.


7 responses to “Journey In”

    • Dear Carolyn, thank you very much! I am pleased to have found another soul that understands me here on WordPress. And I’m happy that you made it! Your comment reminded me of “The Parable of The Laborers In The Vineyard”. Even in death bed, if one realizes God, S/he fulfilled their One Duty.



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