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Coming Home

All my life thus far was about a Search

A Search for Love – But

Who should I Love? – Or

Where do I find such Love?

I just didn’t know, and I was (kept) in Dark

Until I found your Music almost a year ago.

It reminded me of my Past – my ‘Eternal’ Past

With the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Doubts arose! Critical thoughts came up!

But, the memory of being with Him was surreal – That

All thoughts eventually had to fade away – And

I was left alone with Him, and your

Divine Music, dearest Jahnavi, kept us bound together – Like a Sacred Thread.

Every time I listen to your Music, I’m taken back Home.

By Home, I didn’t necessarily mean India

By Home, I meant the Abstract Home (God!)

Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!

I sent this piece to the musician that inspire me in different ways and I thought to share this with you all.
Thanks for reading!


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