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There’s a common misconception that crying is a sign of weakness. And it’s a stereotype we need to break. Crying is often therapeutic and it’s a healthy way to express emotion. It’s a way to overcome difficult feelings, and must be normalized for men, women, parents and kids. To describe that, I’ve written a short […]


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      • Krishna, I got this email from a newsletter that I subscribed to – and it is about Tears ahah!

        Valentin Tomberg tells us, “That tears have a purifying, rejuvenating, and light-bearing power and capability — this was known by the masters of the spiritual life: the hermits, monks, and members of spiritual orders in the past. The gift of tears was highly esteemed by them… And just as the moving waters precede the appearance of the rainbow in the primaeval light, so does weeping to precede the rainbow of illuminating light in the soul.”



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