The Spring Calls You

Hey, the Spring calls you

You don’t hear it, do you?

Oh, are there too many noises in your brain?

That you miss to feel the drizzling rain!

The past says “Hey Loser, lament Now”

The future warns “I’m uncertain. Fear Now”

The present whispers “Just be here Now”

The wise chooses the present, and so they may not resent

Hey, the Spring calls you

Can you hear it, ya?

The trees say “Cia-ciaooo”

The streams flow in Joy “ooh oooooooh”

The birds sing “Cuckoo, Cuckooooo”

Hey, the Spring calls you

Can you still not hear it, ya?

Stop . . .

Close your eyes . . .

Connect with your breath . . .

And you certainly hear it now, ya!

Photo clicked by me, in Trento, Italy – This scenario inspired me to write this post.