Response to Life

Impermanence is the inherit nature of Life on the Earth.
Impermanence is not necessarily a bad thing – If we look deeply,
Impermanence is a gift by which we have the continuous opportunity to evolve.
However, we like to wish for things to remain the same as they are.
Be it happiness or sadness, we attach (or averse) to it – ignoring the Reality of Life.

Well, the Law of the Life seems to be different –
If we wish to be in Harmony with the Life, we would need to change our attitude.
Not all our Life situations are that we can control – Peace, Joy, and Harmony are
Based only on how we respond to the situations presented to us.

Fear is a response.
Hate is a response.
Anger is a response.
Kindness is a response.
Forgiveness is a response.
Compassion is a response.
Unconditional Love is a response.

Yes, we do have Free Will – We can always consciously choose our response to any given situation. Having said this, I do agree it is not possible to choose Love over Fear all the times – but, I’d like to invite you to contemplate on the different responses that you’ve chosen over the years, and the corresponding quality of your life during those moments.

Thank you!

What if God…

What if God is an introverted person who stays back at His/Her home, reading a lot of books, painting the walls with creative arts, drinking a few cups of herbal tea everyday?

What if God sits in meditation from time-to-time, to recharge his body, and mind for indulging in more creative thoughts?

What if God isn’t so religious that He/She doesn’t periodically visit the Temples, Churches or Mosques?

What if God is so shy and doesn’t go out much?

What if God doesn’t answer phone calls ? And even if God answers phone calls, what if He/She remains in Silence most of the times to be a compassionate listener to all our mind-created fictional stories about life?

Given that all the fore-mentioned personality traits of the God, how does one reach the Him/Her ever?

The only possible way to reach the God, as I could think of, is evolving one’s own Consciousness to that of God’s – so as to be in an Union with Him/Her.