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What if God…

What if God is an introverted person who stays back at His/Her home, reading a lot of books, painting the walls with creative arts, drinking a few cups of herbal tea everyday?

What if God sits in meditation from time-to-time, to recharge his body, and mind for indulging in more creative thoughts?

What if God isn’t so religious that He/She doesn’t periodically visit the Temples, Churches or Mosques?

What if God is so shy and doesn’t go out much?

What if God doesn’t answer phone calls ? And even if God answers phone calls, what if He/She remains in Silence most of the times to be a compassionate listener to all our mind-created fictional stories about life?

Given that all the fore-mentioned personality traits of the God, how does one reach the Him/Her ever?

The only possible way to reach the God, as I could think of, is evolving one’s own Consciousness to that of God’s – so as to be in an Union with Him/Her.


2 responses to “What if God…”

  1. Thanks for the blog. I would like to know your view..
    is there any certain age that man cannot reach consciousness?
    Thank you..
    Expecting more and more blogs from you


    • Thank you for your comment.
      I don’t think age is a factor – it’s a matter of how far you go “inwards”.
      Understanding the basic element of all this outward reality is the key.
      I had read about Indian saints such as Adi Shankaracharya and Ramana Maharishi whose works look like enlightening to me and they reached such a state of mind at comparably younger age.

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